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Under the name MuseUp we want to bring museum tweetups to a range of large and small, renowned and unusual museums in the larger Berlin area, in co-operation with other local museum initiatives such as Timeline or Visitatio. Every two to three months, Twitter fanatics and newbies, bloggers, photo enthusiasts and of course museum fans can look forward to a new MuseUp.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a museum Tweetup is basically a meetup, usually a guided tour, where the participants give a running commentary on Twitter with their impressions, photographs etc. Other Twitter users can join in online, e.g. by tweeting in questions. Everyone uses the same hashtag to keep the discussion together (our hashtag is #MuseUp).


For further reading:

First to introduce museum Tweetups in Germany where the Kulturkonsorten in Munich, in September 2011, followed by KultUp in Frankfurt in March 2012. If you read German, Kulturkonsorten give an overview of their format, whilst KultUp keep a very good photo archive on Flickr. A popular way of documenting tweetups is via Storify, such as in this example of a recent Tweetup from the Kulturkonsorten.

1. Tweetup at the American Museum of Natural History (EN)
2. Das 1. Tweetup der Kulturkonsorten (DE)
3. Tweetup im Jüdischen Museum Berlin (DE)
4. Was ist ein KultUp? (DE)