Save the Date: a ‘Long Night of Museums’ MuseUp Special

[Ins Deutsche wechseln]

A splendid prelude to Berlin’s ‘Long Night of Museums‘ awaits you on Saturday 16th March! Our 3rd MuseUp will take place in the Porträtausstellung (Engl: Portrait Exhibition) at Berlin Lustgarten. So, once again we’ll be having an open air MuseUp 🙂


Porträtausstellung “Zerstörte Vielfalt”

In 2013, all of Berlin – including the Long Night Museums – is following the Theme “Zerstörte Vielfalt” (Engl: Diversity Destroyed), which commemorates the destruction of society’s diversity after 1933. Die Portrait Exhibition includes around 200 portraits of famous personalities such as Albert Einstein, Kurt Weill or Bertolt Brecht – but also musicians, poets, photographers and even circus artists, which are unknown to us today. The exhibition gives us an opportunity to delve into the lives and fates of these selected characters. And just in case the weather turns bad, the Kulturprojekte Berlin, who will be our Partners for this event, have an umbrella ready for all participants so that no one gets wet and catches cold. So, no excuses for not attending 😉

After a guided tour in both German and English, we will go to the festival central of the Long Night of Museums, at the Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz. There we are invited to take part in the opening ceremony, after which everyone can make their own way in to the Long Night itself.

When: Saturday 16th March 2013, 4pm (followed by the opening ceremony of the Long Night of Museums)

Where: Lustgarten vis-a-vis of the Humboldt-Box, Schlossplatz 5

Attendance: Participation is free but ticketed. Please reserve a ticket via Eventbrite.

As mentioned above, partners for this MuseUp are the organisers of the exhibition, the Kulturprojekte Berlin. Particular thanks to Jasmin for her help and her great ideas!

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